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Famous People
In and Around Asheville

George Washington Vanderbilt II
(1862-1914), entrepreneur, original founder of the Biltmore Estate. more

Harry Anderson
(1952- ), actor and magician. more

Hobey Ford,
puppeteer, based in Weaverville near Asheville. more

Charles Frazier
(1950- ), author, born in Asheville and UNC-A graduate.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
(1896-1940), author.

Zelda Fitzgerald
(1900-1948, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Roberta Flack
(1937- ), singer, born in Asheville.

Eileen Fulton
(1933- ), actress, born in Asheville.

Warren Haynes
(1960- ), musician, spent his formative years in Asheville.

Stephen Leicht,
NASCAR driver, born in Asheville.

Andie MacDowell
(1958- ), actress.

Robert Moog
(1934-2005), inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

Robert Morgan
(1918-2004), pilot of the "Memphis Belle.

Shirley Hemphill
(1947-1999), actress, born in Asheville.

Robert Pressley
(1959- ), retired NASCAR driver, born in Asheville.

Artimus Pyle
(1948- ), musician.

Angela Shelton
(1972- ), actress and producer.

Charles Vernon
, musician, an Asheville native.

Roy Williams,
University of North Carolina basketball coach.

Thomas Wolfe
(1900-1938), author, born and raised in Asheville.

David Holt
(1946 -), American folk musician.

Elizabeth Blackwell
(1821-1910), first recognized woman doctor in the U.S..

Asheville, NC Visitor Center 2013
Downtown Asheville, North Carolina
Tourist & Relocation Information Guide


Join Us in a journey across our incredible city and learn what travelers discover every day: That no other place offers the natural beauty and unique experiences of Asheville.

...Planning Your Visit to Our Majestic Mountain Ranges - has Never Been Easier...

Come to our mountains, where we will reveal to you a botanical paradise. You will see 43 mountain peaks that reach 6000 feet, including Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern United States. You will find breathtaking valleys and the powerful rivers that rush through them. Hike or bike the miles of trails and discover cascading falls in the many state and national parks that nestle among them. Planning your visit to our majestic mountain ranges has never been easier.

With so much to experience in Asheville, we are sure that we will be welcoming you back.

The city is known for the lavish Biltmore Estate, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Other notable architecture in Asheville includes its Art Deco city hall and other unique buildings in the downtown area. The Montford neighborhood and other central areas are considered historic districts and include Victorian houses. Asheville and the surrounding mountains are also extremely popular in the autumn when fall foliage peaks in October. The scenic Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the Asheville area and the grounds of Biltmore Estate. Biltmore Village is a section of the city adjacent to the estate, where workers stayed during its construction. It is currently home to small trendy shops. more....

Before the arrival of Europeans, the land where Asheville now exists lay within the boundaries of Cherokee country. In 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto came to the area, bringing the first European visitors, in addition to European diseases which seriously depleted the native population. As the Cherokee were eventually dominated by European settlers, the area was used as an open hunting ground until the middle of the 19th century. more....

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway and All-American Road in the United States, noted for its scenic beauty. It runs for 469 miles (755 km), mostly through the famous Blue Ridge, a major mountain chain that is part of the Appalachian Mountains. Land on either side of the road is maintained by the National Park Service. It is the longest, narrowest National Park in the world and is the most visited unit in the United States National Park System. In many places, the park is bordered by land protected by the United States Forest Service. more....

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina offers the romance of America’s largest home, gardens, winery, outdoor activities, and a four-star inn on 8,000 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. more....

One of the most popular annual events is "Shindig on the Green," which happens Saturday nights during July and August on City/County Plaza. more....

Asheville, North Carolina offers some of the finest accommodations in America with majestic mountain vistas in almost every direction. Our guide includes Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Bed & Breakfast, Vacation Rentals, Camping & Summer camps more....

We offer a comprehensive listing of spas including day spas, vacation spas, medical spas, and spa treatments. Don't forget to book your massage during your visit here. more....

Asheville’s brewing scene sprung up nearly instantly and now over 50 beers are locally brewed, giving Asheville, North Carolina, the title of "Beer City, USA" more....

Getting around Asheville has never been easier. We have a great public transit system, area tours, limousine service, taxicabs & car rental agencies. more....

The Asheville area is abound with activities for outdoor enthusiasts as well, including golf, hiking, horseback riding, biking, climbing, even gem mining. more....

Shop downtown Asheville’s shops, boutiques, antiques stores and art galleries, many of which feature local handicrafts and folk art. more....

Asheville’s blend of Biltmore gentility and Birkenstock casualness produces a terrific food scene. There are exceptional fine dining restaurants, ethnic eateries, homey cafes, and more vegetarian venues than you can shake an organic carrot stick at. There's a restaurant in the Asheville area for every taste. more....

Tucked into the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville’s beautiful natural environment and cultural landscape draws people from around the world. Asheville’s unique natural and architectural beauty, moderate climate, strong job market, and outstanding educational and health care facilities make it one of the most attractive locations in the United States. Asheville is consistently ranked high among the best places to live, work and retire. The City’s long-range planning is directed to maintain and improve the quality of life in the area, so that it shall remain one of the "best places" to live. more....

Asheville ranks 13th in the nation for art galleries. We also have museums that feature local artists as well as national and international exhibits. more....

Experience the Blue Ridge Mountain’s natural beauty in a whole new way! Explore places you'll only access by horseback. Hike the peaks with ease while Llamas carry your pack. You're sure to create memories that last a lifetime. more....

From majestic peaks to rich, fertile valleys, the Mountain Counties of Western North Carolina have drawn travelers since the beginning of time. History, heritage, culture, crafts, music and outdoor activities beckon to you at every bend in the road and you'll find the road itself is worth the drive. more....

Current conditions, five day forecast, trend graphs, and seasonal weather conditions for Asheville, North Carolina. more....

Asheville area Television Stations (TV), Radio Stations & Newspaper Publishers can be found here. more....

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